At long last, the sequel to Mavis's perennial
favorite:" The Brass Ring".
Detective Caitlin Calloway had busted her tail
gathering evidence in a rash of killings. Just as she
figured out the clues, the killer surprised her in the
police parking garage, knocked her out, and drove
away with her in her own car.
Now she was digging her own grave, with no
certainty that anyone even knew she was
All the people she counted on are suddenly
Her wife wouldn't miss her right away. Dr. Jamie
Jameson knew CC was deep into a case that made
her late coming home most evenings. Besides,
Jamie was doing late nights herself, standing in at
the hospital for her boss who had been one of the
killer's victims.
CC couldn't count on her partner, Max Sampson,
helping her. He was in the hospital recovering from
an attack by the killer that put him out of
The pain in the ass Deputy Marshal Val Brown,
who was panting after her sister, wasn't even still in
Would anyone show up to save her? Or would the
killer get away with another murder and continue
to escape the justice the victims deserved?
CC's future looked very bleak! And very short!

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