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Tempus Fugit

One of Curve Magazine's Books we shouldn't miss - 2008

The year is 1956 and Buchanan High School senior Ellen CurDruette has a secure
spot on the Varsity cheerleading squad, a first-string football player boyfriend, and a solid plan for her life. Then the Swenson twins sweep into town in their
matching Chevy Bel Air convertibles. Tall, blonde, and gorgeous, the twins are quickly accepted into the cheerleading squad, and Ellen’s plan begins to unravel. Though Laurie Swenson makes the first move on her, it’s Ginny who captures her heart. Malicious forces are at work in the Swenson family. Ginny, their scapegoat, is convicted of crimes she didn’t commit and sent to prison.  Determined to prove Ginny’s innocence, Ellen investigates the case even as she completes her pre-law studies and enters law school. By the time Ginny is released from prison, she and Ellen have grown apart. They’re still attracted to one another, but neither is confident of the other’s feelings. Are they in love, or are they just friends? Against the turbulent, psychedelic backdrop of the Sixties, Ellen and Ginny drift in and out of each other’s lives as they strive for the courage to reveal their hearts.

ISBN: 13: 978-1505299885

            10: 15059912466

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Tempus Fugit: List
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