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Whispering Pines

Welcome to Whispering Pines, built in 1907 by sea Captain Horatio Stratton.
On the morning of October 31st, 1916, the servants arrived early to discover Captain
Stratton alone in the house, sitting calmly in the study smoking his pipe. His wife and sister were
missing and what the maid found in the kitchen sent her screaming from the house never to return. Almost one hundred years later paranormal investigator Shawn Williams willingly agrees to spend a night in the mysterious manor. She finds the stories about Whispering Pines intriguing, almost as intriguing as her companion for the evening. Faith Charles former reporter turned professional skeptic, isn’t thrilled by the thought of spending the night in a house where strange things have already begun to happen.  Then again for a chance to spend a night with Shawn, Faith might be willing to endure anything.  Shawn and Faith begin their adventure together and possibly finding love along the way. The only thing standing in their way is the mystery of Whispering Pines. Winner of the 2009 Goldie for Paranormal Romance.

ISBN: 13: 978-1506194172

            10: 1506194176

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Winner Paranormal Romance


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