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Ginny Gerth

Ginny Gerth, while being born in Chicago, moved to Wisconsin with her family in 1968, and considers herself a Wisconsinite. She spent her early years living the life on the shores of Powers Lake, later moving to the burbs of Milwaukee. She spends most of her time walking dogs, working estate sales and basically being a bum. When not, being a bum, she finds herself digging into her family history. Family and friends are the things most important to her.

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Mavis Applewater

Mavis Applewater grew up just outside of Boston. She earned a degree in Theatre from Salem State College.  Her flare for the dramatic led to a long career tending bar.  Needing an outlet for her creative nature inspired her to try her hand a story telling.  She is the author of nine full length novels and three collections of short stories.  In 2014 she retired from her day job. She lives in Las Vegas with her wife Heather. She is looking forward to the release of Playland the first Harper Winston thriller.

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